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grateful you are here...

i'm not sure i will be able to fully express how grateful I am that you are here.  my name is daniella, and i am the founder of the tattooed lotus.  my intention for creating this space was for women to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, and to look good while creating a capsule wardrobe.  

each piece that you find on the site, is a piece you can build on - a forever timeless piece. what makes each piece special to me is who they represent.  the pieces are named after an important women in my life that i love and admire - women that have supported, me cheered me on, or had some major impact on my life.  the descriptions represent her as individual, as i see her - each of them are true beauties, with courage, determination, creativity and so much love.  as the collection grows you will get to meet more women inspirational women.

for as long as I can remember, I have loved fashion.  i was constantly sketching ideas and putting together outfits  any chance i could.  while friends were outside playing on weekends, i was sitting in front of the tv watching runway shows that were televised.  i was fascinated by, the designs, textures, but more so I was mesmerized by the models walking down the runway and the confidence they displayed.  


i don't believe age defines you.  the idea that a woman should dress a certain way because of how old she is, her profession, or my favorite because she is a “mother” is absolutely ridiculous to me.  you are a woman, and a person first and foremost - labels are meant to be placed on clothes not people.  YOU define you, wear want you want, and how you want.  

the most important thing when putting yourself together each morning, (i’m sharing this because it helps me each day) close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, set an intention for your day - how you see it going, how you want to feel, and then open your eyes and look in the mirror, tell yourself how beautiful you are and how amazing you are - an unstoppable badass that can do anything she wants!


own the day, but more importantly own your outfit - wear your uniqueness with grace and pride.  what you wear is an outer reflection of who you are and how you're feeling.  with each step you take, hold your head up high and remember who the fuck you are!

thank you for being here

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